After 10 years of marriage, my wife and I were having a lot of problems with trust issues, finances, sex and just getting along in general. Our marriage was close to being over and it seemed like there was no hope. We decided to go to marriage counseling and found Jessica Worthington. It was an answer to prayer that we stumbled onto her services. She helped both my wife and I break the vicious cycle that we had been living in for the past 10 years. She really helped us rebuild a trusting and lasting relationship and helped us to see how we can grow closer as a team rather than apart. It was truly a blessing to have found her. I am a better man, husband and father because of her counseling and I highly recommend her for anything you are struggling with.”
— Male Client, Age 38
We became an instant family with challenges of a 15 year old grandchild not used to boundaries. We understood what responsible adults should and could do but we were nearly clueless on what to expect from a teenager from moment to moment. Jessica helped us develop confidence in parenting skills that were somewhat rusty or forgotten and to appreciate each other as we formed a stable family structure for all of us. While we struggled in the beginning Jessica reminded us of the great qualities that formed the basis for our love and respect of each other. Through her guidance we learned to bond as a unit and to deal with upcoming situations with love and laughter.
— Female Client, Age 62
Our marriage was on the brink of disaster after years of pain, fighting and selfishness. We finally decided to see a therapist since we were about to get divorce, and I wish we would have gone sooner! Jessica helped us understand our chronic fights and we found a way to reconnect and build the marriage we had been wanting since the beginning. I would recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a solid marriage counseling.
— Male client, Age 43
From the first time we met with Jessica she elicited our trust. I was seeking a faith-based counselor for my son, and Jessica made him feel safe and comfortable to share his most private feelings and concerns. She is an excellent listener, and I was thrilled to discover that she is wise beyond her years. She is able to reflect on an issue and offer a thoughtful response, returning the focus to the broader (brighter) picture, and ultimately, a harmonious outcome. Where we (her clients) tend to become stuck on the immediate emotions surrounding a problem, Jessica is able to look ahead and offer feasible tactics with which to address a situation, even when it feels we’re in the midst of an impossible challenge. Her professionalism and character are evident in all of her interactions, but she is simultaneously empathetic, kind and encouraging, steering her client towards seeing new perspectives and making sound choices. We will sorely miss her as she establishes herself in a new city. Lucky Austin!
— Female Client, Age 41
Jessica provided an incredibly comfortable and safe environment, where I felt I could be myself and open up about issues I’ve struggled with for a long time and haven’t been able to share with anyone else. She provided the counsel and guidance needed, while still making me feel truly listened to. She has a maturity and wisdom lacking in other counselors I’ve seen. I can honestly say I am a healthier, more whole person because of my time with Jessica.
— Female Client, Age 26
Jessica is uniquely well equipped to provide life changing counseling to her clients because of her compassionate, gentle, and considerate demeanor. Because of her wisdom and humility, we have developed a strong relationship of trust, which has been essential in helping me develop a path towards healing. I’ve recommended her professional counseling to several of my friends and will continue to do so because of the confidence I have in her professional services.
— Female Client, Age 32
Jessica treated me with courtesy and genuine concern throughout our year together. She put thought and prayer into our sessions. When I first approached her, I asked for practical resources to aid me in my healing from sexual trauma and the repairing of family relationships. Jessica listened, and delivered. Sometimes in our conversations, I felt like I was talking to a restored version of myself. It wasn’t that Jessica told me what I wanted to hear, but her insights challenged me in the ways my best self would have wanted. We didn’t shy away from nitty gritty, sometimes ugly topics, but we moved through them and past them. Jessica helped me focus, while allowing me space to bring in whatever was on my mind. Jessica’s personal strength and faith guided me into a new season of life.
— Female Client, Age 24